I work with Individuals, Couples, and small groups.

I also Specialize in working with Retreats Groups, here at mystical Mount Shasta, or at other locations primarily in Northern California & the Pacific Northwest.:

Sessions are either Open Experience or can have a particular Focus, i.e., Childhood Trauma, Prosperity, Relationships, etc.

1. ONE-on-ONE SESSIONS:  Private Sessions generally last from 2 -3 hrs, with negotiable Sliding Scale rates. Special rates for couples/duos. 

2. GROUP SESSIONS: (3 or more people). These can be public or private. Group Sessions generally last up to 3 hours, and are priced per person on a sliding scale.

3. BUNDLING:  I  provide Bundled (groups) of sessions for clients to experience to Anchor the Method as a Practice in their daily lives, and for Deeper Immersion & Exploration of the Healing and Transformational Effects, as desired. Discounted Rates & time payment options available for Bundled sessions.


 Other Discounts or Trades are SOMETIMES possible & will be negotiated individually. Please Contact me.


PLEASE NOTE: In order to Increase the geographical Range of this service to humanity, Individual & Couples' Sessions are now

Available on ZOOM on-line Videoconferencing.