This oceanic breath is a new simple yet profound tool that will stay with me forever. ...I enjoyed Robin very much and feel him to be a humble yet wise and seasoned shaman who gave us a brief orientation and instructions and then held nearly silent space just offering the slightest reminder of the breath a few times. Very grateful to him and Prasad for introducing me to this breathing technique. 

Hamsa T 3/20

So gentle, beautifully sacred  ~~  I'm forever changed through the pure divine grace of this technique  ~~   Robinis truly a gift and all my resistance fell away in his expert & loving presence

Lonnie J  2/20


 You held a session for myself, Alyssa, Tess and Joseph in the Headwaters Park in Mt. Shasta. I had a powerful experience during the Breathwork that I felt I was receiving womb healing. I had not had my cycle for a year- a week or two later at a transformational festival during a Kundalini Yoga class on the sacred land of Joshua Tree, my cycle re-commenced! Which I feel was brought on by the Breathwork!

Tanya T.  (England)  2/20

 Robin is a gentle and kindred spirit. I am honored to have met him up in Mt Shasta. He taught me the Oceanic Breathing technique with precision and also taught me to teach others. I am honored to have learned this technique and will teach it to my students. A core wellness and spiritual tool, it assists us to connect deeper within ourselves and opens a deeper vastness to our existence here on earth. I practice very advanced and sacred energy healing work  and have now added this modality into my sessions and workshops. Robin took plenty of time with me to chat and explain the deeper aspects of this work and is always there to help, guide and strengthen the knowledge base I have. He is a gentle and observant healer. I am grateful and blessed to have met him. 

Paula S.  1/20


I found this breath work to be transformative and healing, deeply. I actually feel that in a really short time, It integrated into my everyday breath, and has become a natural and consistent form of self love. It retrained my body to receive the nourishment of prana in a natural balanced way. I used to have a lot of tension around my breath and voice, but this has reminded my diaphragm of its power and natural peace. When I find myself in times of trouble mother Mary breaths me, and holds me with the song of my own breath.

Benjamin P. 1/20

Quite transformational!  Cleansing, inspirationa, peaceful journey.

Emily L.  10/19

Thank you for the wonderful breath-session yesterday. A great deal of ancestral healing came through, though the download did not show until this morning. Please keep in touch! 

Salima O.  9/19

 I really enjoyed learning this, and it was so powerful once I got into the Right rhythm with my breathing. I’ve tried this on my own a thousand times and wasn’t able to feel the feeling of leaving my body and entering a new place of sheer relaxation. Robin was incredible in guiding my breath which I feel was huge in knowing if I was on the track or just hyperventilating lol. I had an incredible experience and continue to practice on my own but this first time with guidance was the ultimate best. I encourage anyone to try this guided course it will be something you can treasure and utilize forever!

Debra M. G.  6/19


Oceanic Breathwork with Robin Houghton. The most powerful ancestral and past life work. Robin is beyond amazng!!                                                                                                                                                                                      Andrea.   H.   5/19      

    (Robin's Note:  It is the BREATHWORK that is beyond amazing!)


Robin was a comforting, knowledgeable, and thoughtful leader both leading up to and during our Oceanic Breathwork journey. It is evident from the beginning that he is passionate about the breath as a tool, with years of experience both studying and leading others; this is his passion. Robin helped thoroughly answer any questions about the workshop for me and my partner beforehand, giving us confidence and the knowledge to have a wonderful session. ​Our session was peaceful, energizing, transformative, and overall a most positive experience! Learning to quite literally use your own breath, body, and mind as tools for growth and transformation, that you can take with you as a tool for use anytime, is wonderfully empowering! ​I couldn’t recommend Robin enough, for both novices or those experienced with breathwork!

 Nicholas R.   5/19


Me and my friends attended Oceanic Breathwork by Robin at Mt Shasta. We were amazed what the power of breath is capable of and how deep the  state of trance is that you can reach with it. We all felt a lot of gratitude for Robin that guided us perfectly into this deep trance state.

His clarity, loving awareness and passion for breathwork build up a perfect container for us to experience the breath of life - a gift that I wish for everyone to experience!

 Alyssa R   (Austria)  4/19 

 I recently enjoyed an Oceanic Breath Session with Robin Houghton -- my first ever.  First, I absolutely will do this again!  Second, it was a session filled with quietude, reaching a deep meditative state, some releasing, some listening...and then coming back up and out of the breath work.  I experienced the release of something old that'd been kicking around for a long time but was no longer needed in my space -- such a blessing.  Even now, two weeks out, I'm still filling in those old places with present-time information and affirmations.  Third, once learned and experienced, virtually anyone can do this anywhere at anytime giving you all you need to reach deep relaxation, meditation, and release!  It is a wonderful practice. 

Nancy M.  5/19

  I was guided to call Robin to learn how to breath properly. Robin returned my call promptly and set up a time that was convenient for both of us. I also had my 13 year old son involved and take the class. It was about 3 hours long. Robin made it soo easy and effortless. I was amazed how easy it was to do and how attentive Robin was to make sure we got the technique down property. After we were done I was soo happy with how I felt. Robin is a pro and this class is for anyone who is on their spiritual journey and wants to take it to new higher levels. Highly recommended! 

John C.  07/19

"You came to my home, taught us the technique,  and took my little group of friends on a Journey in July. They talked about it, and your skills, for days!!" 

 Melinda M.  7/19