~~Frequently Asked Questions~



Does OCEANIC BREATHWORK involve Hyperventilation?

 NO!  In fact, we consciously AVOID hyperventilation in this process!

Is the OCEANIC BREATHWORK technique difficult to learn as a first-time client?

Not at all!! ALL of my thousands of clients have learned the Breath quickly & easily. Although very profound and powerful, it is easily mastered and not very different from normal breathing! 

 Can any harm come to me from trying this technique?                     

 No! None of my thousands of clients has been harmed physically or psychologically during or as a result of the use of this process. 

 Do you have a customer referral program? 

 Yes!  I will pay a first-time-only, 10%, of gross profits, Referral Fee for a referral to a private Group or Retreat Group that actually RESULTS in the employment of the OCEANIC BREATHWORK. ​

 What if I am not satisfied with Oceanic Breathwork? 

 Out of thousands of clients, this has only happened once or twice, and IF this extreme rarety should actually occur, of course there will be no charge for the session! VERY unlikely!!