My personal Experience as the Synthesizer and Teacher of this Breathwork System is extensive, dependent upon a foundation of Training & Knowledge, but vastly expanded by decades of use of the Breath and Oversight of hundreds of Groups & thousands of Individual Sessions.  

  My Approach to training people to be competent practitioners is organic & individualized, and very dependent upon the life experience of the potential teacher.. This life experience is in terms of the person's individual life path so far, other education or training, especially in Alternative and/or Spiritual Healing modalities, and innate or developed Level of Consciousness.  As I was originally trained as an Emotional Release therapist, and have deliberate chosen to Shift my Approach to teaching the Breathwork as a Self-Healing & Self-Empowerment Tool, I have a strong preference for my student teachers to have a similar inclination! I am Not predisposed to providing people who are attached to the social status of being "Healers" with yet another Healing Tool, though I will train such folks if intuitively called to do so, since people Evolve and Change as teachers, even as I have! This is obviously because Attachment to Being the Healer, and Fostering that Attachment in clients, can be antithetical to Maximizing the client's Experience and Integration of Self-Empowerment.

  That being said, for appropriate candidates a series or bundle of individual  sessions would be required, also a small number of participations in Group sessions, as well as a certain number of experiences Accompanying & Observing me teaching Groups.  There would also be additional hours of instruction and discussion of the various aspects of both Teaching and BEING a Teacher of this particular Breathwork.! The Exact number required of all these sessions, and amount of separate teaching time, would be individually tailored to the experience and needs of the student teacher, and likewise, the overall Price of the Training would vary depending on the extent of training needed and my overall investment of time. 

  I am Proud,  Happy, and Honored to have trained some wonderful Breath Teachers already, and Look Forward to training many more!!  Feel Free to contact me with your interest, for further discussion. Probably the Best way to proceed is to have initial experience of the Oceanic Breathwork's unique system!!