~~~About the BREATHWORK~~


OCEANIC BREATHWORK is a Force of Nature! The effects of the Breath are PHYSICAL in origin, through super-oxygenation, rather than based upon or requiring any particular personal beliefs or philosophy, although the Personal Effects are usually subjectively perceived to be of a Positive psychological or Spiritual Nature! This Breathwork has two major effects upon Human Beings:

1.  Emotional Healing; The Breath flushes massive amounts of Prana through the Meridian System, causing a natural Release of charged emotional energy from life's challenging blessings that is held at various points in that System, and automatically Healing the ways in which that un-integrated energy has limited or harmed the person's Emotional Body, and adversely Affected their Life! (Trust, Hopes, natural Joy  & Happiness, Self-Esteem & Self-Worth, Expectations, etc.) ThIS Emotional Healing aspect is Life-Changing, yet is actually an inevitable biochemical side effect of the actual physical technique! This Emotional Release aspect of the Breath makes the method VERY EFFECTIVE in letting go of personally-outmoded emotional coping mechanisms and dysfunctional mental patterns, & also reportedly as a primary practice or adjunct in PTSD Treatment or Addiction Recovery Work!

2.  The REAL PURPOSE of this Breath Technique is SELF-EMPOWERMENT & TRANSFORMATION through VISIONARY Consciousness Expansion, Inspiration, Intuitive Breakthroughs, and Creative Insights! Many people have reported experiencing: Healing Inter-generational negative Patterns from their Ancestral Lineage, Past Life Regressions & Healing of associated Wounds, Healthy Emotional & Mental Pattern Re-structuring (after the Emotional Release described above), Astral Travel & Out-of-Body experiences, and somatic Internal Energy movement. Also, subjective experiences of Visions and Encounters with Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters,  Angels, and demi-Gods & -Goddesses, Totems, Earth Elementals, Fairy Energies, Devas, and much more!! Ongoing use of the Breath has also been reported to trigger emotionally-associated weight loss, and to positively affect emotionally-related conditions such as asthma & occasionally even postural integration.

I Fully regard this easily-learnt Oceanic Breathwork technique as a Natural Ability of all Human Beings, and, as an independently-used Self-Empowerment & Transformational Tool, in Complete Alignment with our ongoing Human Spiritual Evolution!!

Mastery of this simple yet potent technique, can usually be achieved in ONE SESSION, although it is Anchored more strongly by subsequent regular practice. I Encourage people to USE the  Breath THEMSELVES in their daily lives: 1. As a daily Practice, say. for 20 or 30 minutes, similar to daily yoga or meditation, 2. As a Powerful Adjunct to other Spiritual Practices or life activities, for dynamic enhancement, 3. Spontaneously, for calming & balancing the emotions, or worry, anxiety, or stress relief, in challenging situations, 4. To go upon inner Shamanic Journeys, of a personally set duration, or intuitively-determined length, which can be experienced without adverse effect as often as desired. THIS is the Usage that most fosters the INCREDIBLE variety of subjective Spiritual Experiences reported above!!


  Everyone has a different experience with Oceanic Breathwork. It is individually tailored, apparently by your own Consciousness, to the your individual needs in the Present Moment of your session. Therefore this is only an Overview of an open-ended ( not Topic-oriented) experience.  A Topic-driven session will have a brief period of discussion to focus & clarify your Attention upon the desired Topic, prior to the beginning of the actual session as outlined next.

  We start with an optional, very short Setting of Intention to Be In & With the Breathwork Experience, in the form of an affirmation or statement of purpose. Then we begin with an explanation of the method: history, effects, uses, and the actual physical technique. We also cover various facets of after-effects & integration into the person's ongoing Life! This is followed by the client getting comfortable & relaxed; most folks prefer to lay down but sitting, either at first or throughout, is also totally acceptable.

  Actual experience of the breathing method varies individually. There is No right or wrong way for a session to unfold; in a sense it is Directed by the individual's Breath, itself. Some folks become immediately immersed in the physical system and forge ahead steadily in the process.. Others may take a little time, 10 or 20 minutes, to adjust to the difference in the Breathwork from ordinary breathing. Subjective experiences, such as memories, emotions or emotional breakthroughs, insights, creative or spiritual inspiration, energy movement between or within organs or areas of the body, deep peace & awareness of great inner spaciousness, as well as a great variety of what are considered Spiritual or Visionary experiences, can commence at any time. Again, these are ALL valid individual experiences, & are unpredictable - by me, at least - and vary widely from person to person and even, for each individual, from session to session.  After this "Journey" has gone on for a personally-unique length of time - usually anywhere from 1 to 2 & 1/2 hours - you will definitely know that your Breath experience is complete for that time..

  My own role in the session is to provide expert, very experienced Support throughout, ensuring that the technique is being performed correctly, reminding or helping the person to "stick with" this actual Breath system, if needed, and to intuitively provide brief words to encourage or enhance the experience. This encouragement is minimal -- since this is a system of SELF-Empowerment I DO NOT direct or control your experience in ANY way, beyond the pure physical form of the Breathwork! I also guarantee the safety of your session environment, and can be approached at any time if questions arise about the method or the individual experience.

  I am also available for further post-session contact for any questions about the person's experience in the session, post-session Integration, and ongoing Use of the Breathwork.