~About Me~~

ROBIN HOUGHTON, Founder & Practitioner


I have studied various Alternative Healing modalities throughout my adult life -- Polarity Therapy, Herbal Medicine, Wheatgrass & Raw Food Diet Therapy, among others.  But I discovered my True Passion when I became a Teacher of Conscious Connected Breathing, which quickly became known therapeutically as "Rebirthing". 

I was originally trained in the late 70's in the Rebirthing Breathwork therapy, which focuses on Emotional Release. About 20 years ago, Realizing that people needed to use this incredible tool for overall Life Enhancement, I  completely Transformed my Focus & Practice to concentrate instead on Self-Empowerment, so that my clients Receive the full Physical & Spiritual Benefits of this amazing Breath as a Tool of Personal Power!

And I have Never Looked Back!!!!

Therefore I now focus on the greater Spiritual & Transformational  Aspects of the Breathwork, along with the Emotional Healing component, to foster my clients' ongoing Freedom of Application of the Method without attachment to my presence as a therapist.

I DO provide Safety & Expert Support during the sessions, and of course I also am available to my clients for Information & Support AFTER the sessions, free of charge.

PLEASE NOTE:  I order to have a broader Geographical Range of Service to Humanity, I now offer Individual & Couples Sessions

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