~~~~DIVING IN!!~~


Oceanic Breathwerk!!  A simple,  powerful Conscious Breathing technique for Self-Healing & 

Self-Empowerment!  INTEGRATE this easily-learned Transformational Breath into Your Life  for INDEPENDENT use as a  potent Tool for personal Healing --  Emotional, Physical, Mental, and SPIRITUAL!


Releasing & Healing of old emotional and mental patterns & habits that No Longer  Serve you ~~

~Stress relief, improvement of sleeping, calming the mind to Release doubts, worries, or fears ~~

~Helping to Release & Recover from Addictions or PTSD  ~~

~Receiving Inspiration, Intuition, Creative Insights, deep Visionary or Spiritual Experiences!!!

~Resulting in feeling Joyful, Peaceful, Centered!!

Breathwork is a PHYSICAL experience -- it's Biochemical, NOT Philosophical! NO prior experience or particular belief system is required!

For many people, even ONE Experience of this easy technique will make it available to use in your life in several ways::  as a daily Health Benefit, Spiritual Practice, Emotional Healing tool, and as a potent Energizer for all kinds of Life Activities! Also a GREAT immediate emotional “First Aid” tool in challenging day-to-day situations.

And Finally, it's Always Available for Inner Shamanic or Visionary Journeys! 

Oceanic Breathwork Training is Available to Individuals, Couples, or in Group Sessions (Private , Public, or Retreat Groups), and as Bundles of sessions for deeper Immersion & greater  assimilation of the technique. Also available with  a Topical Focus of your choice such as Relationship, Prosperity, or Childhood  Wounds Healing!

Set your Sails for a NEW DIRECTION  in your Life, of  Self-Healing &

Self-Empowerment with OCEANIC BREATHWORK! ! ! 

Individual Breathwork session - Emotional Healing & Transformation

            ~Canine Assistance Optional, Lol~ 

~~Recent Ripples~~~~

 during the breathwork....receiving womb healing...n.ot had my menstrual cycle for a year- a week or two later my cycle

re-commenced, which I feel was brought on by the Breathwork.  

 Tanya  (England)

 had my 13 year old son take the class with me....soo easy and effortless....easy to do....Robin....made sure we got the technique down property....for anyone who is on their spiritual journey and wants to take it to new higher levels.


 Robin....thoroughly answered any questions....for me and my partner beforehand, giving us confidence....energizing, transformative....literally use your own breath....for growth and transformation,....take with you as a tool for use anytime....




The most powerful ancestral and past life work.... 

Andrea, Private Group

A great deal of ancestral healing came through, though the download did not show until this morning. 


~~Upcoming/Ongoing Events~

! Next Public LIVESTREAM Event !

Group Breathwork session.   Retreat Group


MIRACLES  Facebook Group


WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25th, 10:00 a.m. to  10:40 a.m. PDT

An Introductory Experience:  I will discuss the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual effects and 4 ways to Use it, AND the actual, easy-to-learn technique,

 Then I will guide you into a Brief ACTUAL EXPERIENCE of this powerful, Self-Healing, Transformational Tool!!

(This is Not a FULL Breathwork Session.)

WATCH the Video HERE"

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~Special Announcements~~


LIVE-STREAM MINI-SEMINARS:  I am now offering FREE online 40 minute Introductory Classes, where i will explain the  Effects, Uses, and actual technique, and Assist you in a Brief initial Experience  of Oceanic Breathwork! 

(This will not be a Full Session.)

CLASSES will be monthly upon the MIRACLES Facebook Group Page. Dates & Times TBA Monthly, in the UPCOMING EVENTS Section, above.

ZOOM SESSIONS:  In order to Increase the geographical Range of this Service to Humanity, Individual & Couples' sessions --  either Single or Bundled sessions -- are now

        Available on ZOOM on-line Videoconferencing.  

~~Latest Ocean Waves~~~


  This Oceanic Breath is a new simple yet profound tool that will stay with me forever. ...I enjoyed Robin very much and feel him to be a humble yet wise and seasoned shaman who gave us a brief orientation and instructions and then held nearly silent space, just offering the slightest reminder of the breath a few times. Very grateful to him and Prasad for introducing me to this breathing technique.


 "Robin is a gentle and kindred spirit. I am honored to have met him up in Mt Shasta. He taught me the Oceanic Breathing technique with precision and also taught me to teach others. I am honored to have learned this technique and will teach it to my students. A core wellness and spiritual tool, it assists us to connect deeper within ourselves and opens a deeper vastness to our existence here on earth. I practice very advanced and sacred energy healing work  and have now added this modality into my sessions and workshops. Robin took plenty of time with me to chat and explain the deeper aspects of this work and is always there to help, guide and strengthen the knowledge base I have. He is a gentle and observant healer. I am grateful and blessed to have met him. "


Professional Support Experienced Teacher

~~~Newest Ocean Current~~



 So, to start with, there IS no perfect child with a perfect life!! We ARE created, as is evidenced by the universal emotional characteristics of human babies, with a natural emotional foundation of joyful self-love! But starting with the third trimester of pregnant life in our mother's womb, we begin to be IMPRINTED with the emotional Sets, the Life Beliefs, of other people. This begins with Mom, sharing, at the end of pregnancy, her deepest  feelings and attitudes, both biochemically & empathically, about life -- the Feminine Aspect of life, the Mothering Aspect of life, and what Mom truly believes about love, self-respect, and what she expects in life -- and feels that she deserves! Having no experience of life as yet, we completely accept, or imprint on the deepest  levels, our Mom's emotional reality as Archetypal & Perfect! 

 This continues with Dad, the perfect man, perfect father, perfect example of the Masculine Aspect of life! We imprint him, too, and accept his & Mom's Relationship as the absolutely accurate archetype of male-female interaction, our fundamental model of intimate emotional interaction and attitudes towards social living in general. But what if -- surprise, surprise -- we are inadvertently misled, that Mom, Dad, and their Relationship are NOT the Perfection that we've accepted them to be, and that have formed the foundation of our outlook & expectations of Life?

This flawed Imprint of Feelings & Attitudes is our Childhood Emotional Foundation, or Paradigm. As we grow up, we discover, INDIRECTLY at first, that this Perfect Model is not quite perfect, after all! We start by coming to realize that, at our deepest emotional level of belief, we may feel undeserving of Love, or positive outcomes, success or abundance, or even true friendships & healthy social interactions, or even feel that life isn't to be trusted, is often disappointing, that we often have to "settle" for less than the best outcomes of our hopes & dreams!

 So we set to work, with wonderful tools of healing & transformation: affirmations, goal-setting, emotional & other healing therapies, even psychiatric intervention, and get varying degrees of positive results. But somehow, with all our efforts, we still experience shifting, sometimes negative, feelings about life and frustrations, disappointments, even downright failures, in spite of high levels of both mental and emotional commitment, intelligent planning, deep insights,and strong spiritual or psychological practices! 

There's a simple reason for this! Our beautiful positive plans, attitudes, hopes and dreams are being fundamentally activated by the flawed sense of self we have that RESULTS FROM that Childhood Emotional Foundation! We simply live AS that paradigm, STAND Upon it, as it were, and Work on ourselves from There! And any active conflict between our transformational goals and our basic emotional beliefs is always won by the adopted core beliefs. There may be intermittent experiences of joy, success, etc. but they can’t help but be misinterpreted as resulting from the random chances of fortune. To Identify them as being limited by our own deepest outlook, is akin to trying to see your own eyeball! We simply don’t SEE where we’re looking FROM!

 I understand this organically, from My Own decades of self-work and work in the world helping others tremendously through Conscious Breathing and other healing modalities, endlessly interspersed with frustrations, limitations, and self-failures! But recently I finally reached the level of self-examination where I worked with the Breath, and also with EFT -- the Emotional Freedom Technique, directly upon that fundamental childhood imprint, and Rediscovered my TRUE Foundation of Unconditional Love, Joy, and Trust as my -- as OUR -- normal, intrinsic Emotional Set!

 The miraculous thing about this deepest level of transformation is that, when we work on healing, releasing, and replacing this Childhood Emotional Paradigm with our original,built-in, positive Foundation, we discover that most of our overtly Healing & Transformational goals are automatically achieved by Realizing our true emotional outlook and naturally Positive Relationship with Life! Instead of feeling happy and successful only in interaction with the whims of external circumstances, we become Centered and Based in joy, trust, and gratitude! And then the emotional draw of addictive, self-destructive, and overall negative interactions & self-sabotage, that are fueled by trying to Heal our injured, deepest emotional life from the OUTSIDE, IN, are energetically defused, become unnecessary, and are effortlessly abandoned!!

Conscious Breathing, such as this OCEANIC BREATHWORK, is one of the quickest, most natural and powerful ways to Experience this process, to access and heal these wounds of our Childhood Emotional Paradigm!  But to be truly effective on this Deepest emotional level, it needs to be learned thoroughly and fundamentally embedded & frequently practiced in our daily life!!